Top Key Benefits of Adding Custom Video to Your Website

Marketing activities are essential for a business to thrive in a competitive industry. The COVID-19 pandemic halted various marketing activities, which led businesses to leverage videos as an effective tool. According to James Wedmore, video marketing is no longer a separate entity as videos have become integral in marketing efforts. 

Videos are predicted to make up 82% of the internet traffic by the end of 2022. With multiple video formats doing rounds on the internet, 56% of the videos are less than two minutes in duration. Whether tutorials or entertaining videos, businesses have dedicated teams to experiment with different formats.  

Amidst the rise of video content, businesses also focus on customising their content. Adding custom videos to your website has unimaginable benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Create a Lasting Impression on Visitors

When you read a caption on a billboard while travelling in your car, you tend to forget it within seconds. But all the trendy songs on Instagram reels keep playing in your head for days. Custom videos are a great way to create a lasting impression on people by revealing unique facts about your company. 

  1. Swift Delivery of Brand Message

Instead of reading your message, your target customers will better digest messages when conveyed through a video. Video content is not supposed to replace written content on your website. However, an average website user has an attention span of around eight seconds. 

Therefore, both will help you strengthen your overall brand message. The low attention span of internet users also makes it necessary to trim videos to shorter lengths. A short and informative video will increase your chances of getting views.

  1. Increase Visitors to Your Website

Creating custom videos on your website will increase visitors. Custom videos will improve search engine rankings of your website and make your audience focus on your message in various ways. It also ensures that your visitors are spending more time on your website.

Custom videos have a definite edge over other videos as they inform your visitors about your brand. Moreover, the videos show your customers what your company is, which leads to active engagement. People are often unable to retain adequate information when they are passively engaged. However, remember to trim videos and eliminate irrelevant content to captivate your audience.

  1. Increase Website Traffic

Search engines prefer new content, even if they are custom videos. Adding new content immediately improves your search rankings. Since creating custom videos can increase your search ranking while simultaneously making people aware of your business, you should focus on making them. 

Using targeted keywords in the video title and description leads to a further uptick in your search rankings. Apart from posting the custom videos to your website, also post them on your company’s YouTube channel. Since Google owns YouTube, you will be able to maximise your SEO benefits. 

You should also share the video through various social media platforms to further increase your reach. Encourage your employees to share the custom videos on their social media accounts too. Sharing increases the chances of making your custom videos go viral. 

  1. Build Your Brand’s Personality

Creating custom videos will help you to hold up your company’s image. You might be a hip company focused on meeting your customer’s needs. Why not use a custom video to uphold that image of your company in front of potential customers. 

  • Create a strong About Us section: The “About Us” section gives customers an idea about your company. Some companies even add testimonials from chief officers about the company’s culture. But the custom videos seem to hold a more authentic image of your company. There’s nothing better than portraying your employees in action through a custom video to describe your brand’s personality.
  • Carve a unique identity: Creating a different identity in the market is essential for companies to sustain themselves in a competitive environment. For instance, TikTok, as a social media platform, was able to make its presence felt in the industry despite the existence of existing giants like Facebook and Twitter. The reason behind the popularity of TikTok was its unique short video formats which were alien to people on other social media platforms. 

If you want to create a unique identity for your company, you need to focus on a representation that’s different from your immediate competitors. Since custom videos focus on your brand and its specialisations, they are bound to stand out from the crowd.  

  1. Create a Stronger Connection with Visitors

Publishing custom videos on your website helps you build a stronger connection with your potential visitors. Before choosing your product or service, people will spend hours trying to gather every bit of information about your company. 

Custom videos are a great way of feeding the curiosity of your visitors to make them like you. What better way to reveal yourself in front of visitors rather than introducing your employees? 

You can create demonstration videos of your products or services or make employee profile videos. Spend your video-making resources to deliver your company’s mission statement and values. 

  1. Get Regular Visits on Your Website

Attracting people to your website for the first time is easy compared to getting them to come back the second time. Custom videos enable you to reveal value propositions to your customers. Make engaging, exciting, and useful content to add value to your content and get people to come back. 

Especially when you are educating visitors, people have a higher chance of coming back to learn more. Instead of making one lengthy video, focus on creating multiple parts. It prevents viewers from losing attention and makes them want to come back to know the next step. For instance, describe the ten benefits of using your products or service to your visitors in ten different short videos. 

Ending Note

Being able to attract and engage visitors to your website has become an essential parameter to making your business succeed. Custom videos are a creative way of getting adequate attention from your visitors. 

So, make sure to create customised videos, trim and edit them in the right way, and present your brand message perfectly. 

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