Top Tips for Designing an Amazing Social Media Banner

For many, your social media accounts will be their first exposure to your business or brand. As such, you simply cannot ignore the first impressions your social media accounts will make. After all, people often make up their minds about a business or brand in 50 milliseconds or less

Your social media banner is your first chance to make a splash with your audience. Think of it like a big, glitzy billboard on a heavily trafficked highway for an example of how influential that can be. 

The good news is you don’t need to be a trained graphic designer to create a banner that is truly memorable and striking. We’ve put together some tips for your own social media banner design, to get you started! 

1. Decide on a Palette

When you first start brainstorming social media banner ideas, it’s a good idea to begin with the basics. While obsessing over color palettes or meticulously deliberating over font choices might not seem that glamorous, it’s an essential aspect of why you want to create a banner in the first place. 

Color is incredibly important for a brand identity. Having a consistent color palette can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, after all.  

You’ll also want to think about some technical considerations like legibility or where else this image might be displayed. If you’re hoping to make merch, for example, would the color palette you’re choosing look good on a t-shirt?

2. Get Negative

When you’re creating your social media banner, you’re likely going to focus on the image and background, as those are the flashiest, most exciting aspects of graphic design. They’re not the most important elements of social media banner design, however. 

One of the most useful social media banner tips we have to share is to make sure to leave plenty of negative space when working on your banner’s visual aspect. You’ll need plenty of room to include text, logos, pertinent links, and other important information, as well.

3. The Right Dimensions 

Not all social media networks are equal. Or, the dimensions of their social media banners certainly aren’t, at least. 

When you’re creating your social media banners, you’ll need to make a unique design for every social media network you’re focusing on. At present, the standard social media banner dimensions are as follows:

  • Facebook – 820 x 310
  • Twitter – 1500 x 500
  • Pinterest – 600 x 900 or 600 x 1300
  • YouTube – 2560 x 1440

Taking the time to brainstorm a bit before launching into creating your social media banner will make your life simpler and your end results more inspired. It will also help you answer some subtle but incredibly important questions about your brand, your voice, and, most importantly of all, your audience. 

Looking For More Tech Tips?

Technology is constantly evolving at the speed of thought. It’s far more than any one individual could ever keep up with. 

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to create a social media banner or the latest news on video games or mobile apps, you’ll find what you’re looking for among our pages. Browse the rest of our Technology articles for even more inspiration. 

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