Understanding Microsoft MS-700 Certification Exam: Here’s What You Need To Know

Exams are great motivators as they add color to learning and professional achievements. Although, there are times when a candidate has no idea where to begin. That’s why if you are at this point, you will find this article helpful, as it sheds light on the Microsoft MS-700 certification exam and the necessity of taking it. From this post, you become familiar with the exam details, including what you ought to pursue while preparing.

Accreditation Exam Details

As you know, the Microsoft Certifications Exams covers the skills that are expected of administrators operating Microsoft Teams. The responsibilities attributed to individuals like them include how to configure, situate, and manage workloads concerning Office 365 for Microsoft Teams. In more detail, these workloads focus on productive as well as efficient collaboration, in addition to communication within the setup of an enterprise. Thus, the savvy specialist’s capacity should encompass planning, deploying, and managing Teams chat, meetings, apps, channels, live events, calling, and audio conferencing. 

As a result, attaining proper capabilities in the sphere and proving them through the MS-700 exam culminates in the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate certificate.

Required Capabilities

Before attempting the Microsoft Certifications , candidates ought to possess familiarity and actual abilities when it comes to operating with PowerShell as well as integration points in relation to apps alongside services. These include SharePoint, Azure AD, Office 365 Groups, ONeDrive, and Exchange, among others. In other words, the specialist operating with these apps as well as services knows how the integration of external apps in addition to services is done. 

Moreover, as you undertake your duties, you’ll be cooperating with other professionals like Telephony engineers in performing the integration of advanced features for voice into Teams. However, you need to be aware that your role doesn’t go up to the configuration of direct routing, the configuration of call routing, or the integration of telephony. Still, you can always work with other administrators in dealing with workloads, including security in addition to compliance, networking, messaging, as well as identity. 

What to Expect during Evaluation 

The syllabus of exam MS-700 captures fields like planning and configuring the surroundings attributed to Microsoft Teams, management of calls, chats, and meetings, alongside management of Teams in addition to policies linked to apps. To ensure your competence in them is legitimate, you’ll need to complete 40-60 questions. For this, you will have 100 minutes to cope with different types of questions, such as MCQs, best answer, build list, short answer, to mention a few. What you need to reach the certificate is a score that begins from 700 points. For your registration to be approved, there is a fee to pay, which is $165. 

ConclusionCandidates always seek to discover more about what they’re going to experience when it comes to any exam. Thus, the information offered in this article concerning the Microsoft MS-700 evaluation is essential in assisting them to get what they need. Now it’s all in your hands, as for great success in the same, you need to be thoroughly informed and get serious about your revision. What remains is to embark on registering and preparing to undergo it. All the best!

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