Weed Tourism in Los Angeles  

It is now an undisputed fact that marijuana can be used for pain control. It is especially useful for people of a certain age who experience chronic pain, and can get no relief from conventional prescription or over-the-counter painkillers. A further advantage of weed is that it is not addictive, which makes it safer than opioid-based pain killers.

Although marijuana cannot relieve the kind of severe pain that results from broken bones or invasive surgery, it can help with the nausea associated with chemotherapy treatment. In short, smoking pot can help you deal with your chronic condition. It can help you enjoy a higher quality of life.

Weed Tourism in Los Angeles

The movement to legalize marijuana has had some major victories over the last decade or so. Weed is now legal in Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and California. Given the size of the state, and the size of its weed industry, California in general and Los Angeles in particular have become a magnet for weed tourism.

Tourism is one of the main industries in Los Angeles. It is a city famous for its food, brewery, and Hollywood tours. Over the last few years, marijuana tours have become as popular.

The phrase marijuana tour is a bit misleading. It refers more to a general phenomenon rather than a fun-filled holiday that involves people bouncing from one weed shop to another and staying high the entire time. Most people who go on marijuana tours in Los Angeles are individuals who come from states in which the drug is illegal. Many of them take advantage of the availability of weed to dose themselves and get the resulting relief from pain and suffering.

Where to Buy Weed in Los Angeles

As of January 2018, it is legal in Los Angeles for anyone who is 21 years old to buy marijuana. The limits are as follows: once ounce per day of weed or eight grams of cannabis-infused sweets or beverages.

If you plan to visit Los Angeles for the express purpose of buying and smoking weed for your health, then you should review the most up-to-date weedmaps Los Angeles dispensary and find the ones nearest the place that you will be staying. You should also know that the law prohibits the selling of weed between 10pm and 6am, so you should not prevaricate on your daily purchase.

One of the current handicaps of current California weed law is the high tax placed on it. There is a 15% tax on cannabis. Legislators have also placed regulations and restrictions on weed retailers that create huge overhead costs. These costs are passed on to you, the consumer. Weed markups can be as high as 60%.

If you are unsure of where to find and buy weed in Los Angeles, there are a handful of companies that offer to collect weed tourists at the airport and drop them off at places where they can get marijuana. You should feel free to avail yourself of such services.

Staying Safe and Legal

To buy marijuana in Los Angeles, you must prove your age using government identification. The following types of ID are acceptable:

-Driver’s License

-Government-issued ID card


You will not be allowed to enter a weed dispensary without a proper ID.

At present, you cannot buy weed with a credit card. You must use cash. Most dispensaries have ATMs for your convenience.

The owner-operators who run weed shops are used to dealing with first-timers. If you are new to the whole experience of buying and smoking weed, they will help you out. However, you should have some idea of what to expect when you walk into a dispensary. Licensed dispensaries in California have several marijuana types, including pre-rolled joints, edible cookies and candy, vape pens, and cannabis-infused drinks.

All weed products should be labelled. Pay attention to THC concentration, which should be marked. The quality and potency of each product will vary, so you should ask shop employees what they recommend.

Although marijuana is legal in California, it is still illegal under federal law. You cannot take cannabis with you on the airplane. Any attempt to do so may lead to your arrest, and criminal charges may ensue.

You should also be aware that it is illegal to smoke, consume, or vape cannabis products in public in the state of California. You cannot smoke a joint while you walk down the street or stroll through the park. California is not, in general, a smoker-friendly place. Smoking is banned in restaurants, bars, and hotels, and this includes the smoking of marijuana. You may also be hard pressed to find an Airbnb that allows it.

There is a small but emerging group of rental entrepreneurs who cater to the needs of weed tourists and offer private accommodation in which marijuana can be smoked. You may need to make arrangements to stay in such a place if you do not have friends in Los Angeles who are sympathetic to your purpose.

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