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‘On The Rocks’ Review: Bill Murray & Sofia Coppola’s Reunion Is Slow and Pretentious

Sofia Coppola scrapes the bottom of the pretentious barrel in her latest turn as writer and director. On The Rocks…

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‘The Kid Detective’ Review: A Dark Mystery Leads to A Mind-Blowing Finale

The Kid Detective is a noir crime drama with a fascinating protagonist and an absolutely mind-blowing climax. What begins as…

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‘Love and Monsters’ Review: Dylan O’Brien Charms in Clever Sci-Fi Rom-Com

Love and Monsters offers a refreshing take on the tired apocalypse genre. It’s a heartfelt, surprisingly funny adventure with a…

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‘Honest Thief’ Review: Liam Neeson Delivers Another Generic Action Dud

Liam Neeson delivers another generic actioner with the brainless Honest Thief. This time around he’s a former bank robber trying…

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‘The War with Grandpa’ Review: An All-Star Cast Elevates Slapstick Comedy

Robert De Niro trades gangsters for grandkids in a funnier than expected family comedy. The War with Grandpa has a…

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‘Charm City Kings’ Review: A Dirt Bike ‘Boyz N the Hood’

Charm City Kings is a dramatic adaptation of the 2013 documentary, 12 O’Clock Boys. On the poverty-stricken streets of West…

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‘Death of Me’ Review: Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth Suffer the Vacation from Hell

An American couple has the vacation from hell in Death of Me, the latest horror flick from Saw franchise director…

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‘2067’ Review: Cerebral Science Fiction Loaded with Twists & Tears

2067 is a cerebral sci-fi thriller from Australian writer/director Seth Larney. The film is set in a dystopian future where…

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‘Let’s Scare Julie’ Review: One-Shot Haunted Teen Horror-thriller Will Make You Sweat

Writer/director Jud Cremata makes his grippingly tense and ambitiously inventive feature debut with Let’s Scare Julie, a haunted horror-thriller about…

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‘Ava’ Review: Jessica Chastain Misfires in Melodramatic Actioner

Ava fumbles its attempt to mix the standard globetrotting assassin formula with an intense family drama. A cliché-ridden script with…

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