The most haunted places in America

What is the most haunted place in America?

Is your neighborhood haunted? What about that old hotel down the street? That creepy tunnel at the edge of town? That mansion with the peeling paint?

If it’s on this list, that’s because some locals believe the answer is yes. 

Here’s a spooky list of houses, hotels, eateries, cemeteries (of course) and more, all across the country — and all, if you believe in ghosts, super-duper haunted.

For example: The entire town of Bannack, Montana. Founded as a gold-mining community in 1862, the place saw plenty of executions during the boom years. The area also includes a residence called the “Crying Baby House,” where children’s wailing has been reported.

Bannack is now an official ghost town, literally and figuratively. The last residents moved out in the 1970s. 

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