Ashley Park Reveals That Her Overwhelming Reaction to BTS Was Actually COVID

According to Ashley Park, the symptoms of interacting with a BTS member are eerily similar to those of COVID-19.

The Emily in Paris star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (Jan. 20), where she discussed covering BTS’ Hot 100 chart topping hit, “Dynamite” on the show.

When Kimmel warned the actress of how passionate the ARMY is, Park revealed that she understands the excitement because she’s a massive fan herself. “Well, I am ARMY,” she revealed. “I don’t even realize how much I was ARMY until this happened.”




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See latest videos, charts and news

She then recalled how she suggested a BTS song for the first episode of season two, not thinking anything of it. “Then a couple days before we were going to shoot this scene, we had a whole costume and everything, the producers miraculously got the rights to ‘Dynamite,’” she revealed. “I remember being on set that day and I was actually super nervous because I hadn’t been in front of a live audience in a while too, and I said to Lily Collins, who is the best, most supportive person on set ever, I was like, ‘If BTS were ever to see this in an alternate universe, I would want to make them as proud as they have made me as a Korean and as an artist.’”

Her dreams came true, as after the episode aired on Netflix, both RM and V posted the clip to their respective Instagram pages. “The whole rest of the day, after they posted that, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t get up,” Park gushed. “And I was like, is this what your body feels like when you go into shock? My sinuses, my head… I’ve never had this experience before. I’ve never been a fangirl to this extent.”

Park then had a hilarious realization. “I woke up the next day and I had to take a COVID test for something and I took a COVID test and I had Omicron, which is why I was in such a fog,” she said with a laugh. “I didn’t think it was COVID because I really thought I had gone into shock.”

Watch the full interview with Kimmel below.

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