This Adele Fan Tried (and Failed) to See Three Separate Concerts, Finneas Invites Her to His Show Instead

It’s tough being an Adele fan — at least for one TikTok user.

Eleni Sabracos took to TikTok on Thursday (Jan. 20), just hours after Adele announced she is postponing her Las Vegas residency, to hilariously reveal that this isn’t the first time she tried to see the “Hello” singer to no avail.

“I bought tickets to see Adele at Madison Square Garden, but they were fake tickets,” she said against a photo of herself frowning outside MSG with a t-shirt she made for the star. “But nobody felt bad for me because I bought them off Craigslist so that was my own doing.”


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She continued that she also bought tickets for Adele’s 2017 show in London, where she would be seated in the “Golden Circle,” directly surrounding the stage. “She canceled her show,” Sabracos added. “Mind you, I risked my life flying to London on this cardboard airplane called WOW Airlines that is now discontinued. The only thing ‘wow’ about it was it was surprising that the airplane could fly.”

To add fuel to the flame, her Uber driver that took her to get dinner after the show was canceled was named… Adeel.

As if two canceled shows wasn’t enough, Sabracos revealed that her brother surprised her on Christmas in 2021 with tickets to Adele’s Vegas residency, which was scheduled to kick off on Friday (Jan. 21).

“I am in Vegas right now, and Adele canceled her show again,” she concluded, before screaming “Why” off her balcony in Sin City.

@elenisabracos IM NOT MAD AT #ADELE I JUST WANT TO GIVE HER THESE SHIRTS AND DRINK WHISPERING ANGEL TOGETHER #storytime #ellenshow ♬ original sound – Eleni

Her story, thankfully, has a happy ending. Finneas happened to be scrolling through TikTok and found her video just as hilarious as the 6.5 million other viewers did, and commented, “‘I’m in Vegas right now’ had me DYING.”

Sabracos, of course, replied to Finneas’ comment gushing over both him and his girlfriend, Claudia Sulewski. “Please invite me to the Christmas party because I make a rad gingerbread house,” she said.

Finneas, to make up for Sabracos’ three canceled Adele shows, then replied, “If you ever want tickets to a show, lemme know! Hopefully we won’t cancel [laughing face emoji.”

See the interaction below. Here’s to hoping Eleni makes it to a concert in 2022.

@elenisabracos Reply to @finneas ♬ original sound – Eleni

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