Tommie Lee Defends Her ‘Natural’ Body, Says She’s Never Had Surgery Except Lipo Following Criticism Of Her Sexy Pics – The Shade Room

If you watch the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise, then you know Tommie Lee is really not one to back down from a fight, especially on the innanetz.

Tommie, who also recently became a grandmother, showed off her curves in a few racy pics she posted to her IG page. She was sporting a white shirt tied into a crop top and some pulled down jean shorts.

While the stunning pics were definitely a sight for sore eyes, there were people who criticized the pics, mainly saying that Tommie was promoting an unrealistic body image.

Lots of people made comments about her body looking oddly shaped while others claimed she clearly had work done.

Tommie definitely caught wind of these comments because she went straight to her story to air people out for talking about her.

She claimed outright that she hasn’t had any surgery other than liposuction. 

“And another thing I had lipo in 2018…no (surgeries) since…and didn’t even need it then I was just being delusional..No BBL at all they threw that fat far the f**k away from me…since y’all in my business,” Tommie wrote in a message posted to her IG story.

She also said she was the most “naturalist woman” people have seen in years.

“Lol I’m literally the naturalist woman y’all have probably seen in yrs I have natural boobs and a** so these silicone comments are too funny…damn I look that Good huh, like unreal Good!”

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