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Ellie Goulding Questions the ‘Worthiness of an Award’ in Powerful Essay on the Grammys

“When this crushing feeling returns each year, I turn to my loyal fans,” she continued. “Through the love and relentless support of these fans, along with an enormous amount of luck, I have amassed what I see to be a notable body of work in this industry — in the form of many millions of album sales, many billions of streams, and three platinum albums and hopefully many more. But — while this gives me so much to be positive about and, so importantly to me, a platform to make change in this world — it still, apparently, does not qualify me, or my peers with the same reception, for formal recognition from my industry.”

Goulding then posed the question, “what constitutes the worthiness of an award?”

“This is not rhetorical; I would love to know an answer,” she added. “I would love to know if what I have done throughout my career, and what so many other artists have done throughout theirs, in receiving a certain level of critical reception, does not qualify for some sort of formal recognition, then what does?”

While she didn’t call out the Recording Academy specifically, she demanded “transparency in our industries process of award nominations and voting.”

“It is time to have a bigger discussion about where we are going and how we acknowledge and reward those who are, frankly, the reason this industry exists in the first place,” she concluded, adding a final, “Back to the studio.”

Read the full essay here.

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