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Mike Dean Apologizes to BTS for Grammy Tweet, Says He Was ‘Just F—ing Trolling’

Mike Dean is sorry for “f—ing trollingBTS after he seemed to take out his anger on the K-pop group for losing out on the album of the year Grammy.

The legendary hip-hop producer took home a Grammy on Sunday at the 64th annual awards show for best rap song with Ye‘s “Jail,” featuring Jay-Z. But its parent album Donda didn’t win album of the year, which Dean produced, and he felt some type of way about it.


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Underneath the Recording Academy’s tweet with a photo of BTS’ buttery smooth performance at the show and the prompt “Name a group ~smoother~ than @bts_bighit, we dare you. #BTSARMY #GRAMMYs,” Dean wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “Anyone.”

Members of the ARMY descended upon Dean and told him to check BTS’ credits — but it seems like he already did. “It’s funny to read so many armys saying BTS members write ‘90% of their music,’ based on a statement made by a BigHit employee. Hahahaha, there is no way BTS members have written 90% of their music. Just check the writing credits of every single BTS album. In all of them are like [cont.] 9-10 credited songwriters per song… why would a company like BigHit spend so much money on so many songwriters who only do ‘10% of the job’?”

And he doesn’t seem to care about having his credits checked either. When one BTS fan posted a screenshot of the 13 credited songwriters (including Snoop Dogg) on Ye’s Nina Simone-sampling “Blood on the Leaves” from his 2013 Billboard 200 No. 1 album Yeezus, he simply wrote back, “A classic.”

The seven-time Grammy-winning producer, who’s worked with Ye, Travis Scott, Madonna, Beyoncé and many more, urged, “Get these Bts fans off my di–” after the ARMY incessantly tweeted at him for publicly disrespecting one of the best-selling music groups, which recently became the first act to win the IFPI’s global recording artist of the year award for two consecutive years.

Dean later apologized and revealed the true source of his frustration, which had nothing to do with BTS.

“OK. SORRY TO BTS. JUST F—ING TROLLING,” he tweeted before adding, “I was mad about album of the year and made a post I shouldn’t have made. My gf just made me feel bad for it.” He also explained how he’s quickly patched things up with artists before, like when he “had issue” with A$AP Rocky and “ended up mixing his whole album [2015’s Billboard 200-topping At. Long. Last. ASAP] and we are the best of family.” Who knows if Mike Dean and BTS will make amends in the studio one day?

See his tweets below.

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