WandaVision: 3 Theories on What Exactly Is Going Down in the Town of WestView

WandaVision continues to stump viewers every week with its big mysteries and even bigger possibilities. Episode three made the big reveal that despite any theories we had before, the idyllic town of WestView is in fact, a real place. That doesn’t mean there isn’t something seriously whacky going down in that magical bubble keeping folks out, but it does narrow down our list of theories a bit. With the discovery that the town exists in the real world, and the subsequent reveal that everyone within the town must be real as well, we’ve come down to three in-depth theories on what could be causing all this drama in the first place. Has Wanda trapped an entire neighborhood of people after suffering a breakdown or is someone pulling the Scarlet Witch’s strings? Is WestView a prison or a sanctuary gone horribly wrong? We don’t have any of the answers, but you’re damn sure we’ll try to work through all our questions! Keep reading for our ideas on what is going down in WestView.

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