Quarantine and Isolation (Q&I) Calculator FAQ

If separation of the person with COVID-19 from others that they live with is not possible, the other people that they live with will have ongoing exposure, meaning they will be repeatedly exposed until that person is no longer able to spread the virus to other people. People with ongoing exposure should refer to the Ongoing Exposure FAQ for recommendations. Recommendations for close contacts to quarantine, get tested, and wear well-fitting masks will vary depending on vaccination status and history of prior COVID-19 diagnosis in the past 90 days. People can use the Q&I Calculator to determine if they need to quarantine (stay home) and for how long by entering the date of their last close contact based on the recommendations in the Ongoing Exposure FAQ. The Q&I Calculator also provides customized information on what precautions close contacts may need to take, such as getting tested, wearing a well-fitting mask, and avoiding travel.

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