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CDC report shows how a Wisconsin summer retreat became a ‘superspreading’ event

A coronavirus outbreak raged through an overnight school retreat in Wisconsin during the summer, beginning with one student before ultimately…

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Accidentals By Susan M. Gaines — Review

An epic novel and coming-of-age story that interweaves science, birds, politics and romance whilst confronting some of today’s most important…

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Psychologists Identify 11 Factors That Predict High Coronavirus Anxiety

SIMFEROPOL, RUSSIA – OCTOBER 27, 2020: A woman with a face mask on passes by amid the ongoing … [+]…

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Denisovan ancestry and population history of early East Asians

DNA analyses of an early East Asian Ancient, anatomically modern humans interbred with the archaic hominins Neanderthals and Denisovans. However,…

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Oceans protect circumbinary planets

Planets orbiting binary stars, like the system in this artist rendering, are more likely to be habitable if they have…

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Origins and genetic legacy of prehistoric dogs

Dog domestication was multifaceted Dogs were the first domesticated animal, likely originating from human-associated wolves, but their origin remains unclear.…

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No easy fix

Beneficial insects, such as beetle predators of aphids (Coccinella septempunctata is shown here), succumb to the sublethal effects of a…

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Atomic-scale microstructure of metal halide perovskite

INTRODUCTION Hybrid metal halide perovskites are highly favorable materials for efficient photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications. The mechanisms behind their impressive…

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Edit reviews without permission? Some journal editors say it’s OK

Summary A survey of 322 journal editors at high-impact journals across ecology, economics, medicine, physics, and psychology has found that…

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Efforts to control monkey brains get a boost

Summary Optogenetics, which uses light to activate or silence precise groups of neurons and probe their role in brain function,…

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