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2022 NBA playoffs: Warriors-Nuggets, 76ers-Raptors among first-round matchups on tap; Celtics could draw Nets

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The 2021-22 NBA regular season has come to a close, and only one team moved up in the standings from where it started the day: the Boston Celtics, who jumped to No. 2 in the East by way of their victory over the Memphis Grizzlies and the Milwaukee Bucks’ loss to the Cavaliers. 

The play-in tournament begins on Tuesday. First-round games start on Saturday. 

Reminder on how the play-in tournament works: No. 7 plays No. 8 and No. 9 plays No. 10. The winner of the 7-8 game gets the No. 7 seed, while the loser plays the winner of the 9-10 game for the  No. 8 seed. 

Below are the final seeds and the corresponding first round and play-in matchups. 

Eastern Conference

1. Miami Heat

  • First-round opponent: No. 8 seed (play-in results)

2. Boston Celtics 

  • First-round opponent: Brooklyn/Cleveland play-in winner

3. Milwaukee Bucks

  • First-round opponent: vs. Bulls

4. Philadelphia 76ers

  • First-round opponent: vs. Raptors

5. Toronto Raptors  

  • First-round opponent: at 76ers

6. Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are locked into the No. 6 seed. 

  • First-round opponent: at Bucks

East play-in matchups

  • April 12: No. 8 Cleveland Cavaliers at No. 7 Brooklyn Nets
  • April 13: No. 10 Charlotte Hornets at No. 9 Atlanta Hawks
  • April 15: Winner of Charlotte/Atlanta vs. Loser of Cleveland/Brooklyn

Western Conference

1. Phoenix Suns

  • First-round opponent: No. 8 seed (play-in results)  

2. Memphis Grizzlies 

  • First-round opponent: vs. Timberwolves/Clippers play-in winner

3. Golden State Warriors

  • First-round opponent: vs. Nuggets

4. Dallas Mavericks 

  • First-round opponent: vs. Jazz

5. Utah Jazz 

  • First-round opponent: at Mavericks

6. Denver Nuggets 

  • First-round opponent: at Warriors

West play-in matchups

  • April 12: No. 8 Los Angeles Clippers at No. 7 Minnesota Timberwolves
  • April 13: No. 10 San Antonio Spurs at No. 9 New Orleans Pelicans
  • April 15: Loser of Clippers/Minnesota vs. Winner of San Antonio/New Orleans

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