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Tom Brady pokes fun at Peyton Manning’s forehead size in latest social media post


Before quarterback Peyton Manning retired, one of his biggest on-field rivals was quarterback Tom Brady, but the two have always shared a mutual respect for each other. The former opponents are now friends, but that does not mean they don’t poke fun at each other every now and then.

Brady’s social media accounts do not usually miss, and his latest post is no exception. Using a camera from a high angle above his head, making his forehead look large, he posted a video captioned, “The kids over on tiktok are calling this the Peyton angle 😂 Rude!”

The future Hall of Famer was making fun of the current Hall of Famer’s large forehead, something Manning was teased about a lot in the league. 

Boom. Roasted.

This is not the first time Brady has made fun of Manning on social media and it will not be the last. 

Two quarterbacks met often, many times in major games, during Manning’s time in the NFL, with Brady having an 11-6 edge over him. The competition on the field did not stop them from developing a great friendship, and the two can be seen on television shows and on the golf course together quite often.

Manning even mentioned Brady, poking fun at him of course, during his Hall of Fame speech. Brady was in attendance supporting his friend in the audience, and Manning will likely be there for Brady’s Hall of Fame speech — if the almost 45-year-old ever decides to retire.

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