After Math: Quibi keeping it short in every sense of the word


‘90s kids are old enough to remember when Hummers were the Darth Vaders of eco-friendly transportation, seemingly purpose built to guzzle gas. But 12 years after the last one rolled off its assembly line, the Hummer is back as an all-electric supertruck that will cost $112k. Expect to see as many of these hanging around construction sites as you saw H2s rolling around active war zones.



The Squad hopped on Twitch for a couple raucous rounds of Among Us last week, notching nearly half a million viewers during their playthrough. Really excited for the GOP response: video of Baron Trump slow walking a befuddled Kevin McCarthy through the opening levels of Minecraft.



Barely a week after the company announced that it would be dropping its traditional 30-day free trial, Netflix is back to giving away its content for free — to prospective new subscribers at least. Starting on December 4th, Netflix will offer a free weekend’s worth of content to people who have apparently up to this point been living under rocks and have no idea what a Netflix even is.



Must be election season, we’re up to multiple “Facebook roots out malicious actors from its platform, is confident that this time it’ll make a difference” stories per week.

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