Racist flyers posted in Colorado, listing number to insurance company

Someone posted racist flyers using the N-word around businesses in a Colorado town, with a phone number listed to an insurance company, a report said.

But police in Longmount said the culprit won’t be charged with any crime due to First Amendment protections.

Eleven flyers were found posted around the town’s business center that contained the N-word as well as a line that reads “PEOPLE IF [sic] COLOR ARE NOT WORTHY,” and a number to Allstate Insurance, according to ABC Denver.

A spokesperson for the Boulder County District Attorney’s office told the outlet that while the incident was a “deplorable act” and “disgusting,” that no charges will be filed as the person’s actions are protected free speech under the First Amendment.

The flyers interrupted Heather Castle and Raj Murphy’s date night, when Murphy noticed the paper ashe stepped outside of Quarters Bar+Arcade on Main Street

Eleven flyers were found around the town’s business center that contained the N-word.

“I went outside to get some air and I saw the paper kind of like hit the ground,” Murphy told ABC. “Somebody grabbed it and looked at it, and it was not just your regular flyer.”

“It’s frustrating that people will feel like they have this platform and the space in today’s world to be able to say these hateful things and get away with it,” Murphy said.

Since no charges were filed, the person was not identified by police.

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