[PICS] Police dog heroes get day off with forest ‘walkies’ treat

Kirstenbosch gave Cape Town’s Metro Police K9 unit special authorisation to spend time on its beautiful mountain trails.

Image of Metro Police K9 unit on a richly deserved day out at Kirstenbosch posted by JP Smith on Facebook

The South African Police Service (SAPS) relies increasingly on the dogs in its K9 units to fight escalating crime in the country.

The services the canines are deployed for include narcotic, explosives and protected species detection as well as the tracking of dangerous suspects and search and rescue operations.

No wonder Cape Town’s Metro Police K9 unit needed some time off this week!

Alderman JP Smith (Mayco Member for Safety and Security) posted beautiful photographs of the dog unit enjoying special time out at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

He said Kirstenbosch granted special authorisation for the unit to enjoy its beautiful mountain trails.

“Our K9s are more than just dogs, they are partners in our fight against crime but also a partner to an officer in the unit” wrote Smith.

He says the City is “earnestly seeking ways to expand this unit to increase the valuable component of K9’s” in its service.

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