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Jamal Edwards and Lethal Bizzle wowed by Croydon woman’s home takeaway

A Croydon woman who lost her job in the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is wowing Londoners including a host of household names with her home cooking takeaways.

Like many others, River Havilah from Croydon was made unemployed during lockdown, and forced to come with alternative ways to pay the bills.

Her solution was to turn her unique talents to home cooking, and promote her food through Instagram under the name @Rivercuisines.

Since then she’s won plaudits throughout London, boasting a number of star-studded customers including Big Tobz, Jamal Edwards MBE, Lethal Bizzal and Paigey Cake.

Screengrab of River Cuisines dish. Image: River Havilah

“After losing my job, I felt so helpless. I live by myself, my family and friends are an hour away, I was just always sad,” River said.

“I spoke to the doctor, which prescribed me with sleeping pills as my anxiety was flying through the roof. The only thing that took my mind of all the chaos happening around was cooking,” she added, describing how her new job was born out of the way she addressed her anxiety.

Your Local Guardian: River Havilah started the takeaway after losing her job during lockdown. River Havilah started the takeaway after losing her job during lockdown.

With just a month passed since she launched the enterprise, River Cuisines, which boasts a home takeaway service and a range of Caribbean-influenced dishes, seems to be going from strength to strength.

“I am proud of myself of doing something and be active in this difficult time.

It’s easy to sit around doing nothing, but I thank God for giving me this ideas and yeah…there’s only up from here!” River said.

Find River Cuisinces on Instagram here.

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